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Chameleon is a great tool for creating photo collages
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The Chameleon software represents a fast and easy-to-use solution for creating photo collages. The program has a smooth and friendly-looking user interface which will help you a lot with the photo collage creating process.

The program offers four working modes: Montage mode, Chameleon mode, Blend mode, and Emersion mode.

With the help of the Montage Mode you are able to import two images (background and foreground) and merge them together while keeping all of the initial image properties like color range or opacity. The two images adapt one another, the program will make them look smoother together by fading away the irrelevant parts of the pasted fragment or an image.

In the Chameleon Mode the software helps the foreground to blend with the target image by the color range and intensity of the latest. It also works on the image borders, making them look smoother.

Blend Mode works on the transparency of the images, making visible most of the details and texts from the primary image (background). This mode can help you dissolve foreground images into the background.

Last but not least, the Emersion Mode combines two images into a photo montage, just like the Montage Mode module does, but the foreground does not overlay the primary image, instead it embeds into the background making visible only certain portions of the image.

Briefly, the Chameleon software is a fast and easy solution for those who want to make photo collages, customized postcards or change the appearance of a photo. It offers you great features that make combining images together a simple task.

Tyler Vidd
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